We are your best solution to Cool Down in town!

Acmeca Electrical Trading was established in 1991. In 2008, Acmeca Electrical Trading was converted to Acmeca Cooling System & Engineering Ptd Ltd. Our Research and Development efforts have resulted in a number of proprietary designs catered for commercial and industrial cooling needs.

Acmeca Cooling System & Engineering Ptd Ltds brand – Islandfog products are designed with flexibility and robustness. Our expertise in this industry has stretched over a decade and we will continue to evolve to suit the needs of the market. Our goal is to “Defeat the Heat” by ensuring the highest quality systems and components at the lowest price. Islandfog products provide you with tools to cool even the most hostile environment. We have evolved to design specific solutions for clients in the long-term or short-term basis. Acmeca Cooling System & Engineering Ptd Ltd will strive to be the number one choice for events support and Cooling/Misting engineering.

Our Capabilities

  • Set-up done in a day
    We are able to set up the event area and delivery can also be made using the shortest possible time.
  • Best Solution
    We will always provide the best cost andbest proposal to solve our clients air quality issues
  • High Quality
    We will only provide the best quality products and best service to our clients.
  • High Quantity
    Our products stock would always be sufficient to meet our clients needs