Model DCA-25USI2
Frequency (Hz) 50 60
Output Rating Continuous (kVA) 20 25
Output Rating Standby (kVA) 22 27.5
No. of Phases 3-Phase, 4-Wire
Rated Voltage (V) Single Voltage (Dual voltage is an option)
Power Factor 0.8 (Lagging)
Voltage Regulation (%) Within ±0.5
Excitation Brushless, Rotating Exciter (with A.V.R.)
Insulation Class F


Type Inlined, Direct Injected
Output Rating PS/rpm 26/1500 32/1800
Output Rating kW/min-1 19.1/1500 23.5/1800
No. of Cylinders-Bore X Stroke (mm) 4-85X96
Piston Displacement (L) 2.179
Fuel ASTM No.2 Diesel Fuel or Equivalent
Fuel Consumption (L/h) 3.2 3.9
Lube Oil Sump Capacity (L) 8.5
Coolant Capacity (L) 6.4
Battery X Quantity 80D26R X 1
Fuel Tank Capacity 92


Dimension Length (mm) 1400
Dimension Width (mm) 790
Dimension Height (mm) 1350
Dry Weight (kg) 773

Sound Level

7m dB(A) 1500/1800 rpm (min-1) 52 52